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Bathroom Design Service in the Rochester, NY Area

Four Points Remodeling wants to make your dream bathroom a reality. We work with you every step of the way, from the planning process to the final installation, to make sure everything is exactly as you want. We know that your home is extremely important to you. Our highly skilled installation team will create and maintain a clean, calm work environment that's respectful of your space. Co-owner Jim Montgomery uses his many years of experience to personally oversee every project and have direct involvement during the entire process. Whether we're installing vanities, tiles, plumbing, or other bathroom-related items, we will always give you our best service.

 Things to Keep in Mind

Designing your bathroom can be a lot of fun as it brings the artistic side in you out. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Be mindful of space. The size of your bathroom will limit what we can and cannot do, although we can usually find creative solutions.
  • Style and color schemes. When picking out each piece, think about how it will match or contrast with the others.
  • Technology. There are several modern adaptations that you can make, such as in-wall speakers, heated floors, different colored lights in the shower, and many more.
  • Budget. We recommend you come with a budget in mind. That way, as you are picking out what you like, there are no surprises in the end requiring compromises.

No Matter Your Project, We've Got You Covered

Our goal is to meet your every request and need. Four Points Remodeling will work with you to go over every design request along the way before we start the remodel to make sure it is exactly what you want. Our team has many years of experience and a history of success with our clients and projects in the Rochester, NY area. We are confident that we can meet your needs, and we can offer our expertise to help advise you along the way if you are unsure about what you want to include in your remodel. Explore our previous projects and then contact us to go over design options and get your remodel started.