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Luxury Kitchen

The term “rustic” is often used when it comes to home design, but how does one actually achieve the style? These key elements of a rustic kitchen will create a simple, homey space reminiscent of the warm and inviting countryside.

Dark Wood and Warm Colors 

In order to create a rustic kitchen design, it’s helpful to think of the kitchen area as the hearth of the home. A hearth is traditionally where families once gathered to prepare and enjoy freshly cooked food or spend time around the fire. To recreate this feeling, use dark wood surfaces and pops of warm colors like red, orange, or sienna brown to mimic embers and flames. These colors don’t need to make up the entire color scheme of the kitchen, but relying on dark brown furnishings and orange or red accents such as brick can make it seem like the kitchen radiates warmth.

Include Stone Elements

Similarly to how pops of warm colors can create the image of fire, stone elements will remind visitors and family members of a simpler time long ago. Many rustic kitchens include walls made of tumbled river rock or flagstone floors. For a more modern twist on the rustic aesthetic, homeowners can opt for classic countertops made of quartz or granite.

Distressed Paint Finishes

The thought of chipped paint may make many homeowners shudder, but purposefully chipped or distressed painted surfaces can provide a homey, comfortable, and rustic appearance in kitchens. It’s easy to go on a treasure hunt for worn furniture pieces at antique stores or flea markets or to create a distressed finish using paint. These and any other rustic elements can also be added to a bathroom, bedroom, or any other space to tie the home’s design together.

Any good remodeling project begins with one thing: a thorough plan! Whether you’re interested in achieving a rustic appearance or any other type of design, call Four Points Remodeling today at 585-385-0003. Our services include design, construction, and installation, so you can work with one company for your entire renovation!

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